DeekFit Mobile Apps

Currently, DeekFit apps are only for Windows Phone 7. Look for more platforms in the future!

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DeekFit Gym

DeekFit Gym is a powerful tool that gives you everything you need in the gym:

  • Enter your workouts
  • Track your progress over time
  • Add custom exercises
  • Take daily notes
  • Includes an automatic countdown timer, so you know when to start your next set
  • Follow your body weight, set goals
  • Useful fitness calculators like lb/kg converter, BMI/BMR calculators, one-rep max estimators, Wilks score calculators

Upgrading to DeekFit Gym Pro gets you all of this, with no in-app advertising, and automated syncing with!

DeekFit Gym
DeekFit Gym Pro

Tabata Stopwatch
Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Tabata Stopwatch

Looking for timers? Check out Tabata Stopwatch! This app includes all the timer features from DeekFit Gym:

  • Stopwatch with lap timer
  • Countdown mode
  • Tabata interval mode
  • Free interval mode
  • Configurable delays before starting

Upgrading to Tabata Stopwatch Pro removes the in-app advertising.

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DeekFit Weight

Just want to track your weight? Check out DeekFit Weight! This app bodyweight tracking features of DeekFit Gym:

  • Track your bodyweight over time
  • Set weight goals and track your progress with charts
  • See weight and BMI trends
  • Calculators that let you caluclate your BMI and BMR
DeekFit Weight

Barbell Helper

Barbell Helper

Need a little help in the gym? Want to take the thinking out of loading the bar? You need Barbell Helper!

  • Quickly determine what plates you need to load on the bar
  • Calculate the amount of weight on the bar
  • Configure the plates and bars you have available
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